Jellybox for Education

Jellybox is fast to build, but even faster to break down! This means that with a couple of Jellyboxes, you can give the experience of hand-on build to many groups of students! Just take the machines apart when you’re finished. It only takes a couple of zip ties snipped.

Reap ALL the learning goodness 3D printers have to offer

  • Building the machine gives students a sense of accomplishment unmatched by simply using a pre-made device.
  • Constructionism alive and well! There’s no better way to get to understand how a 3D printer works than building one!
  • Students develop a sense of familiarity and attachment. This makes them more likely to experiment with the technology and use use it as a flexible tool rather than a prescribed set of procedures.
  • It’s a simple, relevant, and imminently useful robotics project: even kids never interested in mechatronics can understand the appeal.
  • Make all the intimidation factor of cool and complicated technology that tie students down go away.
  • Marriage of STEM and STEAM approaches. Let the student experience both sides of the equation with both the mechanical build and the more abstract 3D design learning (-> and bring it home by making the abstraction real again by 3D printing it).

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